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Bank is not an option Shake hands to make business

Bank is not an easy source for an external financial solution

The entrepreneur needs external funding. In this case, foreign capital is introduced into the company life. The bank is often a reliable source of foreign capital. Unfortunately, obtaining a business loan from the bank is difficult for many start-up entrepreneurs because the money is tight. You must know how to market your own business plan skillfully to funders, as getting a corporate finance. The calculations must be concrete and stimulate confidence.

Collateral is also often required for corporate bonds. Assets, such as movable or immovable property, as well as various guarantees, such as a personal guarantee. It may be necessary to set up the private property of a company founder. This also once again creates an impression of the entrepreneur's commitment to his project.

The company's total funding usually consists of different funding sources. Equity and income financing are often accompanied by foreign capital and / or equity financing (often corporate loans). Under certain conditions, company development work, such as product development and internationalization, will be able to receive grants, loans and guarantees from public financiers.

You need to clarify the financing needs and financing options for start-up, development and growth. It would useful to be assisted in drawing up plans and calculations related to both private corporate financies and applying for a business loan.

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Know how to manage your company Manage your company financing

Managing a company

Managing a company is not an easy thing. You have to know how:

  • project and project plans
  • financial and cash flow calculations
  • in the preparation of funding applications
  • company presentation material
  • funders' contacts and financial negotiations

Firms with a strong growth path need almost unqualified equity financing to finance growth, such as product development, marketing, hiring key personnel for growth, and so on.

You create the company presentation material required for applying for funding, company-specific plans and to finalize company presentations to get in touch with private equity investors arranging various financing opportunities, including investor events where entrepreneurs have the opportunity to present their activities to both domestic and foreign venture capital investors.

There is always a good business idea for funding. A carefully thought out, truthful business plan and a carefully made profitability calculation are essential for obtaining funding.

Most often, in order to receive business loan, however, it is necessary to invest in business savings, to affiliate programs and even to take out a personal loan that is invested as the starting capital of the company. It is worth taking advantage of the financing opportunities offered by financial companies for rental and leasing financing, especially in the early stages of business start-ups when purchasing machinery and equipment, thereby securing the collateral for future needs.

Without a large amount of own funds, however, funding can be obtained if the business idea is good. Various public funding is available supplemented by many private equity investors. This is evidenced by many established high tech companies where the capital requirement may have been up to tens of millions of euros. Also, when the company is expanded, financing will not be a problem if the business is in order and its own funding is at least 20% of the value of the investment. With business imprint plans you can make reliable calculations for all financiers.

Financing of the company is generally arranged from three sources, namely the self-financing of the entrepreneur, loans and possible subsidies. The fourth form of financing, ie income financing, is not significant for the start-up company, but its importance in financing investments is growing as the company grows older. Ask us for more info.

One of the profitable companies is the making of replacement investments with income financing. Financial institution with the right to risk financing. The loan can not be obtained for the following industries: agriculture, forestry and building contractors. You can also apply for a full loan from the bank and apply for partial guarantee for the loan.

Self-financing the company?

Financing of the company is generally arranged from three sources, namely the self-financing of the entrepreneur, loans and possible subsidies. The fourth form of financing, ie income financing, is not significant for the start-up company, but its importance in financing investments is growing as the company grows older.

Various corporate finance solutions can serve as small and large companies as they are in many situations where the company benefits from outside capital in support of their own cash flows or accelerates them. With our corporate loans you can consolidate and increase your working capital to support your day-to-day operations, but also in a situation where your company would like to use its own funds more heavily for investments such as machinery and equipment purchases.

Precisely in these situations - both in investing in the company's own funds and in long-term payments - Various corporate loans solutions help the company grow and succeed even in the most difficult times. Depending on exactly what your business need and goal is, the right financial solution can be factoring, invoicing, or billing and resale services.

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Be wise with your accounting Accountant understand your business

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Incorrect accounting can become expensive - professional advice is worthwhile In business, you should focus on what is best. Accounting is one of the things that you should outsource - saving time and avoiding gray hair.

One of the first important steps for a start-up entrepreneur is to find a good and competent accountant for himself. All companies are bound by accounting obligations, which in turn are defined by the Accounting Act. If the law does not know properly and the book itself does it, errors may occur, such as false entries or forgotten notifications. These can ultimately be expensive. A professional makes accounting quickly and accurately and you can use it to develop and sell your own services and products - that is, the core of business. A professional may also be useful when you sit on the other side of the table with the bank leader or investor you are applying for funding and corporate loans. Using an external accountant increases your credibility, and at the same time you have someone with whom you can consult with any business on your business.

Even though a good bookkeeper is the best friend of an entrepreneur, it is good to know something about accounting yourself as well. Remember at least these: Make a written agreement with the accounting firm or accountant, which clearly identifies which matters are the responsibility of the accountant, which of you. Authorized Accounting Offices have a contractual basis drawn up by the Financial Supervisory Authority. Read the contract carefully and ask if you do not understand.   Make supporting documents, such as receipts, clear indications of what the document concerns. For example, in the case of a representative bill, indicate who has been involved and why they have been tolerated. If you have an electronic financial management system, it's enough to have the fixes stored there.   Keep the original invoices in addition to the receipts, as invoices are displayed for example. VAT contribution.   The financial statements of any possible business loans, the report of the Board of Directors, the accounts, the account list and the list of records and records shall be kept for at least 10 years after the end of the financial year.   Accounts for the financial year, correspondence relating to transactions and other accounting records to be certified for transactions shall be kept for at least 6 years from the end of the year during which the financial period has ended.

How is the cost of accounting determined?

Of course, the price of the bookkeeping depends on the principles on which the price is formed. There are many ways of pricing, which we go through the most common. The cost of a small company can be based, for example, on the vouchers or exports (terms explained below) and the amount of time spent by the accountant or the accounting firm (hourly billing), The document refers to the transaction evidence between your company and a corporate loan. In English, the bill can be, for example, a receipt, invoice, bank statement, travel invoice, insurance contract or even a cargo book or a lease agreement for a business. Export means the amount of money the accountant records on the debit or credit side of the account. Accounting offices keep double accounts, and one of the documents you submit is made at least two. Accounting for small companies and businesses is often a combination of a document-based and hourly-rate model. Monthly pricing may include a certain amount of vouchers, and cross-border vouchers will be charged for a single (and of course bigger) price. Excessive clearance work or other accounting work will be paid in due time. Pricing the Bureau - Which model is the best? The answer to that question depends entirely on the extent of your activity, the additional services you need, and how exactly you want to know the costs in advance. The pricing model based on the number of vouchers is often good in cases where the amount of monthly receipts and invoices is very low - for example, less than ten per month. However, beginner entrepreneurs often have the habit of underestimating the number of credentials, and the cost of accounting may rise suddenly if receipts and other billfolds and papers will start to accumulate by dozens. For example, the basic price may include 1-10 testimonials per month, but every additional document will add a few extra cash to your monthly payment. In this case, the cost of the book may well blur very suddenly over budgeted. Do not be sorry for this misconception, but remember that the document means more than just a receipt! Also, time-based pricing is often a viable option in situations where the number of vouchers is really small. The cost of bookkeeping from full hour often leaves at a low cost from about 40-50 euros upwards, but this amount is only indicative. A combination of the documentary and time-based pricing model may mean, for example, that the vouchers are charged according to their number, but any accounting work, tax return, and accounting work related to accounting are done at an hourly rate. Nowadays, bookkeeping is offered to both single and small entrepreneurs, including fixed monthly payments. This means that the number of monthly vouchers does not matter, and monthly pricing also includes financial statements and tax returns. The advantage of this model is the predictability of costs. Budgeting is easy to plan when annual expenses are already known in advance. In this pricing model, the monthly fee may appear to be comparatively costly compared to billing or hourly accounts. However, in the course of a year, it may be cheaper to pay more than a hundred times when account is taken of the financial statements and the tax return. This pricing model can be strongly recommended for full-time entrepreneurs with a large amount of vouchers but the amount is not completely constant and also to trust accountant services even if you had to take an external business loan for that. That could save you a lot of money.

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How No Credit Check Business Loans Can Help Your Business

Financial difficulties are a normal part of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. Every entrepreneur faces some of the business cycle lifecycle phenomena of payment difficulties that can be varied. Paying rights are not always the result of poorly managed business or carelessness, but may be due, for example, to the restructuring of the industry or the weakening of demand. Smaller businesses and entrepreneurs are more vulnerable than bigger companies in the global economy.

When a payment is detected, a small business entrepreneur can reduce costs, try to increase revenue, and make accurate payment-based payment programs. The entrepreneur should be aware that taxes and other public payments should be prioritized in the priority of payment obligations. Often, bankruptcy is the cause of bankruptcy. Business loans are fast to apply and help your company right away. Restructuring can also be prevented or unsuccessful due to actions that are too late, even if the company could have been rescued with the previous intervention.

Identifying the facts in good time is of paramount importance. Even the threat of a company's drift into economic problems should be a sign of starting to tackle business difficulties in preventing payment difficulties. In addition to the timely intervention, the assistance of experts may be crucial in solving the problems and stabilizing the financial situation.

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